Health Monitoring

Provide control over devices, processes, machines, connections, and more, shorten outage response times, and reduce operating costs.
Operate with fewer losses.

What is Health Monitoring?

Health Monitoring is a Tom PIT.connected service that enables real-time performance monitoring endpoints (processes, devices, machines, industrial printers, etc.) and immediate response in the form of alarms and escalations in the event of deviations. This will reduce congestion, minimize data dropouts, bad cuts and discards, and consequently improve both quality and efficiency.

So what are the key benefits of Health Monitoring?

Real-time monitoring and control

Provides a complete overview of your devices and processes.

Reporting irregularities

Be notified of any irregularities at the time of occurence through the various communication channels.

Faster response time to resolve errors

Response times for error resolving are significantly shortened due to the fact that you have all the processes and devices under control and that the alarm system immediately reports their non-functional state.

View analytical indicators at any time

With Health Monitoring you can check the frequency of faults or congestions, number of alarms reported, average response times and much more.

Insights into how endpoints work

For each endpoint information on the frequency of alarms, the time of occurrence of alarms, the cause of alarms and their resolution are always available.

How does Health Monitoring work?

In a manufacturing environment, there are many machines, devices, processes and other links that provide information about how the system is working. Some endpoints are critical to the functioning of the system and, if they are not functioning, can lead to huge costs in terms of congestion, bad parts and lower product quality. The longer the periods of inactivity, the higher the operating costs.

With the introduction of Health Monitoring, the Tom PIT. connected IoT infrastructure detects anomalies and generates an alarm, which then sends messages to the recipients about the detected anomaly using the concept of alerting. In other words: in the event of any deviations, Tom PIT. connected technology ensures an immediate response, which means that reaction times are reduced.

Implement Health Monitoring today!