The Experience you haven't experienced before.

Tom PIT.connected

is a way of thinking, doing and experiencing a digitalization.

It's a digital experience platform

that manages the enterprise digitalization through its entire lifecycle.

Exceptional and consistent digital experience across every touchpoint.

Analysts, Developers, Testers, Administrators, Employees, Customers, Suppliers. Even devices.

All your audience. One digital experience.

New generation of building a successfull digitalization

Replace limited products with elegant and lightweight Microservices.
Replace complex solutions with streamlined digital processes.
Replace vendor locking with an open market, worldwide partner network.
Replace expensive and small print licensing schemes with an open source and free digitalization platform.


  • Replace large and expensive digitalization projects with instantly available digital content.
  • Replace clumsy deployment processes with an automated, error free deployments.
  • Replace information silos with a connected digitalization platform with ability to add digital content anytime with virtually no effort.


  • Replace monolithic system with innovative Microservice architecture which enables you to gradually connect your entire digitalization into a single digitalization unit.
  • Replace complex layered systems with a digitalization built around business capabillities.
  • Replace over engineered but still limited configurations with intelligent dependency injections and achieve limitless flexibility


  • Replace vulnerable systems with a self diagnosed, security first platform which eliminates the risk of exposing a single bit of unintentionally information.
  • Replace static security entities with dynamic policies and achieve any kind of security scenario
  • Replace tedious security configuraton with a single access point, easy to manage permissions

User Experience.redefined

  • Replace device dependent and heavyweight frontends with a modern, asynchronous UI framework which brings an exceptional user experience to your audience across every touchpoint
  • Replace complex user interfaces with beautifully simple user experience to every user on any device, without installing anything.
  • Replace awkward input masks with personalized experience and shorten learning curves


  • Replace slow and clumsy solutions with a realtime communication channels and scalable platform.
  • Replace unresponsive user interfaces with reactive, asynchronous and distributed processing infrastructure.
  • Replace slow reports with just in time alerts and notifications.


  • Replace scattered, time consuming and error prone management consoles with a single access point, all inclusive management infrastructure with diagnostics, metrics and auditing tools.
  • Replace tedious and repetitive tasks with automated scripts
  • Replace repetitive search with alerts subscriptions and notifications


  • Replace overwhelming technology sets with an unified technology for collecting, processing, storing, analyzing, distributing and vizualizing data with tools provided by a single technology.
  • Replace tools, frameworks and other incompatible technologies with a consistent and full stacked platform.
  • Replace big latency solutions with a realtime processing, analyzing, distributing and vizualizing tasks.


  • Replace closed and hard to connect products with and open digitalization.
  • Replace expensive and unsuccessfull integration projects with a platform that implicitly supports connectivity.
  • Replace expensive data search across multiple systems with a high performance single source platform.