One technology. Entire digitalization.
Tom PIT.connected covers every aspect of the digitalization and helps you build any kind of digital content on an unified technology core.
For free.

Web based development

Enable consistent development experience across all development challenges.

Collect, process, store, analyze, distribute and vizualize data with a world class, web based development environment.

Meet Tom PIT IDE

Flawless deployment

Deploy digital content anywhere in a few seconds.

Share repositories with database scripts and source code files with one click. Deploy them with another.

Or spare the second click by using Tom PIT contiguous integration tools.

Install or upgrade. You don't have to worry. Tom PIT deployment is smart enough to upgrade databases as well.

Apps that users love

Deliver digital content to end users as an exceptional digital experience.

Tom PIT client UI framework enables consistent, responsive, reactive and high performance user experience.

Explore the stunning end user apps

Integrate with everyone

Enable REST and other communication channels with external systems.

Provide a single access point to all your data in a secure and high performance integration services. Monitor and diagnose data flow across the enterprise.

Connect to any data source

Connect and collect data from any data source or protocol.

Pluggable infrastructure enables your digitalization to connect to any type of data. Tom PIT provides many out of the box providers. Ecosystem provides even more. You can provide your own too.

Distributed processing

Distributed and asynchronous processing infrastructure enables you to offload work from the user experience and improve responsiveness.

Distributed events, Queues, Reliable messaging, Scheduled jobs, Crawlers and many other techniques and data structures will help you build A grade digitalization.


Connect to any device and communicate in both ways from any client. Without physical connection.

Vector based, real time IoT vizualization with intelligent updating provides exceptional IoT user experience from any device. Without actually installing anything.

Big data

Store billions of records without performance loss.

Scalable distributed storage with extremelly efficient data access. Execute any query you can imagine against billions of records will result in an instant response.


Create secure, multilanguage and schema free search catalogs.

Enable fuzzy search, search as you type and other popular techniques to users and increase data flow.


Centralized management for the entire digitalization.

Perform user management, permissions, settings, scheduled jobs and many other administrative tasks from a single access point and remove repetitive and error prone tasks.


Scale as your digitalization grow.

Every bit of Tom PIT.connected is scalable. It's a modern platform which can be used by individuals or by millions of concurrent users.

Distribute data

Distribute data via any communication channel.

Send mass emails, SMS, push notifications, social media posts. Distribute personalized reports in PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, HTML, CVS or any other popular format.

Sky high flexibility

Inversion of Control, Dependency Injections, Distributed processing, Asynchronous execution, Event orchestration.

Tom PIT.connected was built from the ground up with modern principles, guidelines and techniques.


Full set of globalization services enable you to build fully globalized apps.

Localization, timezone handling, data formatting and other globalization aspects are supported out of the box.

Audit trail

Integrate audit trail with ease into any digital process.

Traceabillity of your data can be crucial one day. Having audit trail supported by the infrastructure could help.


Centralized diagnostic tools for the entire digitalization.

All logs, errors, system audit and other system data in one place.


Measure performance of every aspect of your digitalization.

User interfaces, APIs and database metrics, request and response data and other tools for deep insight into the inner workings of your digitalization.


Simple yet powerful security, managed from a single location. A dream!

Secure anything with anything. From urls, apis to ip security and programmatic policies. Flexible and intuitive. That's how security should work.