Services you will love to use

Digitalization and digital transformation are complex areas. We want to ensure that should you need anything at anytime, it's here at your disposal.
Remember, most of our service are free.


Subscription plans offer predefined set of services at an exceptional rates.


  •  Digital experience platform
  • Use and distribute Tom PIT.connected technology free of charge.
  •  Digital Content
  • All digital content is free to use. You can install it, customize it and distribute it without being charged.
  •  Source code
  • Tom PIT.connected is open sourced. Source code is available on GitHub.
    Digital content is also open sourced. Source code is available on Digital content platform.
    You can also view or change the source code by installing the Microservices from Tom PIT IDE.
  •  Customer support
  • Our world class support is open and free to everyone. View bugs, conversations, technical documentation, roadmaps, feature requests and questions on the Support platform.
  •  Knowledge base
  • Access to our outstanding knowledge base, whether it's a technology or digital content, is free. It is an essential source of information for anyone connected to Tom PIT.
  •  Outsourcing platform
  • Access to the Outsourcing platform enables searching and hiring experts from all over the world.
  •  30 day trial cloud
  • Provision and run Tom PIT technology and digital content instantly and free for 30 days.


90€ per month
billed annually
  • Everything in Free
  •  Unlimited tickets
  • Publish unlimited bugs, feature requests and questions via email.
  •  Support 24/7
  • With paid plan we guarantee same day response via email.
  •  Hosted repos
  • Host unlimited private repositories on our server and enable cloud based contiguous deployment.
  •  1 certificate
  • Take any exam from Tom PIT certification platform per year.


490€ / month
billed annually
  • Everything in Team
  •  Remote support
  • Our support team connect to your environment and help you troubleshoot issues on site.
  •  Analytic services
  • Online analytic services for analyzing visitors, customers and data.
  •  Cloud
  • Host production environment in Tom PIT Cloud.
  •  Email service
  • Send emails via Tom PIT REST enabled service.
  •  1 article
  • Free access to one article per year.
  •  4 certificates
  • Take any 4 exams from Tom PIT certification platform per year for a single user.


1.990€ / month
billed annually

Pay as you go

If you prefer, you can purchase our services when you need them.

Support Ticket

Purchase support tickets when you need them.

Remote support ticket

Purchase remote support tickets when you need them.


Purchase exams just before you take them. You can repeat each exam once without additional charge.

Cloud instance
190€ / month
billed annually

Each cloud instance has a guaranteed 8GB RAM on 16 Core environment.

Please note that dedicated instances are planned later this year.

Analytic services
9,90€ / month

Enable analytic services per production instance.

Health monitoring
9,90€ / month

Enable health monitoring per server.

Performance monitoring
9,90€ / month

Enable performance monitoring per production.

Cognitive Services
890€ / month

Enable cognitive services per production.


Purchase each article separately.

Hosted Repo
19€ / month

Host unlimited private repositories on Tom PIT development platform.

Email service

Pay for every 1K emails sent.

Search catalogs
9,90€ / month

Enable search service in cloud.

2.990€ / renewal

Obtain a compliance certificate for production environment.

Depending on georaphical location additional charges my occur.