Digital transformation
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Tom PIT.connected facilitates enterprise digitalization.

What's the hype about digitization, digitalization and digital transformation?


Is the process of transforming analog information to digital one.

Digitization is about technology.


Is the process of transforming business processes into a digital ones.

Digitalization is about technology.

Digital transformation

Is the process of digitally transforming business and strategy.

Digital transformation is about customer.

You must digitize information to be able to start with digitalization. And you must digitalize your business to achieve digital transformation.

Tom PIT.connected

is a digital experience platform.
which helps you

digitizing, digitalizing and digital transformation

your enterprise.


Digitalization can be a complex process requiring many different techniques, patters and technologies to be used to solve problems. Choosing appropriate digital experience platform plays a crucial role. Choosing wrong one or not choosing it at all will result your digitalization will be very likely a resounding flop.

Domain knowledge

Chances are you are not the first with the problems your digitalization transformation are trying to solve. It's just that at least a few of your processes are very specific and no product can solve it out of the box.