the super Platform

It's the platforms that makes the super platform super.
Tom PIT.connected consists of 13 platforms that gives the super platform the super power and makes it so special and incomparable to any other platform on the market.

Development platform

Web based IDE, version control, contiguous integration and automated deployment makes Tom PIT.connected the complete development platform.

Microservice based architecture enables implementing and deploying digital content with ease and at minimum risk.

Digital content platform

Not only is Tom PIT digital content platform the most comprehensive free business digitalization library on the web, but it is also open source.

You will also find countless extensions built by a large ecosystem. There is surely an extension that solves your problem too.

Cloud platform

Our high availability data center enables you to run, scale and manage your digitalization without investing in hardware resources.

14 day backup retension is included in every instance.

Outsourcing platform

Hire experts from all over the world with the help of our outsourcing platform. Developers, business analysts and administrators have deep knowledge about Tom PIT technology, digital content and infrastructure.

Don't rely on one vendor. Hire them as needed and streamline costs.

Runtime platform

Run your digitalization inside a controlled environment. Not only end user apps but also IoT hubs, worker processes and distribution jobs.

The list goes on to search engines, REST services, big data solutions and any other process you can image being digitalized. All run by single but highly scalable runtime environment.

Management platform

Just as you run your digital processes you can also manage your digitalization in a unified way.

Single access point for all administrative tasks.

Analytics platform

Learn about your users and processes and discover patterns to improve overall digital experience.

Analytics platform enables realtime insight into your digitalization.

Diagnostic platform

Realtime health checking enables instant insight into the inner workings of the digitalization.

Performance metrics will helps discovering performance bottlenecks with a goal to continuously improving digitalization experience.

Support platform

World class support is ready 24/7 when you need it. Before you need it there is an extensive set of knowledge base which will help you understand digitalization better and quicker.

Technical documentation, user manuals, bug tracking, feature requests, road maps. Event remote support is at your disposal.

Certification platform

Make sure you have stuff with appropriate knowledge.
If you don't you can hire it.

When you hire it you can choose from the vendors with appropriate certificates.

Service platform

Take advantage of ready to use cloud services which will make your digitalization more simple and transparent.

Use Rest enabled Email services with geolocation tracking, online search engines, big data storage and other services to leverage a digitalization.

Research platform

Our experts have an extensive knowledge about technology, business processes, market and finance. They also have deep insight into customers.

They write case studies, research articles and similar documents which contain essential information not available anywhere else.

Artifical intelligence platform

To bring digitalization to the ultimate level you have to know your audience well. You must also understand them and guide them. You must make your digitalization smart.

Tom PIT AI platform will give you all the information how your audience behave and guide you how to improve processes.