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Tom PIT partner network is a community designed to foster your business growth.

What is Tom PIT Partner network?

Tom PIT Partner Network is a hub of people, resources and offerings brought together to give business environments everything they need to build and deliver successfull digitalization.

It is made up of companies and individuals who sale, consult, implement and administer Tom PIT.connected environments.

Sale Tom PIT.connected

Expand your solution portfolio and offer your customers connected digitization run on innovative technology.

Tom PIT.connected’s sales model is simple; the complete set of digital content is available at your disposal. This means you can offer the entire Tom PIT.connected to the market. Tom PIT will support you through the entire sales and post sales lifecycle. Digital content and technology education and unlimited support is available at any time. For all services performed in the set your sales, you are entitled to a 20% commission.

The best thing is -> you are entitled to a 20% commission on all services related to your sales.

Tom PIT outsourcing platform

Tom PIT Outsourcing platform is the hub of supply and demand of digital content related to the Tom PIT.connected. Become a Tom PIT outsourcing partner and offer your domain knowledge, experience and services to the global market.

Secure anything with anything. From urls, apis to ip security and programmatic policies. Flexible and intuitive. That's how security should work.


Combine domain knowledge with Tom PIT.connected digital content and offer consulting, business analysis or project management to companies digitializing their business using Tom PIT technology.


Tom PIT.connected already offers a wide range digital content with which business environments do their digitalization. They customize digital content and add their own by hiring outsourcing services.


If you have knowledge about Tom PIT.connected technology and digital content, you can offer services related to configuration, maintenance, settings, monitoring, installing and updating digital content.

Why become a Tom PIT partner?

You don't have to invest in the technology
You don't have to invest in the digital content.
You will be able to offer new digital content over and over again.
You will find it easier to open new business opportunities thanks to a widely used and popular platform.
You will implement digital content with the cutting edge technology.
You will reach the global market.
You will be part of the fast growing ecosystem.
As a sales provider you don't need to take care of the implementation.
As a service provider you don't need to take care of the sales.
You have 24/7 support.
Tom PIT offers excellent commissions and you will be well paid for the work done.
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