Our Story

Tom PIT is a digital experience platform branded as Tom PIT.connected.

Our vision is to create the worlds largest digitalization ecosystem which is based on free and open source software.

Founders story

The beginning

Almost 20 years ago, Tom Pipinič started his first application framework project with a focus on ORM and productivity.

It was fine but...well, it was an ORM tool.

The ambition

The second generation framework was released few years later with capabilities to quickly create forms for desktop apps on top of ORM.

It was fine again but...some important architecture concepts gone missing and there were no support for web which provided limited potential for further development.

A step closer

Third generation framework was, of course, a zero code web application platform, which was widely used in many industries and large corporations, commonly as a mission critical production environment system.

It was successful, mainly for non developers because it enabled engineers with a strong base on domain knowledge to develop complete web apps with no programming skills.

It was great but we, as developers, wanted something more than a framework. We wanted to build a platform with the abillity to manage different aspects of the digitalization, not only the user interfaces and ORM.

By the the way, today, some 12 years later, it's still in use as a primary development platform in the company Tom worked for. Amazing!

In the mean time

Two important things happened; first, Tom met Marko Veličković and they quickly became developers sharing the same ideology.

Second, year or so later, Tom met Robert Orehek and the connected digitalization vision started to develop.

They never looked back, those three fellas. Built on strong friendship, they founded Tom PIT company.

A touching distance

Fourth generation platform was developed with support for IoT, Big data and other modern principles.

It was definitely a first generation of digital experience platform but still not fully focused on developers.

It was up to that point until we realized that: software is always built by developers and developers like to write code.

No more frameworks, wizards, zero code nonsense and similar stuff. We must create an end to end digital experience platform with its own architecture and principles.

Mission completed

Fifth generation ultimately hit the nail. It's the platform branded as Tom PIT.connected.

Lessons have been learned.

We pushed the technology to the limits and produced, we believe, the best digital experience platform on the planet.

Well, it took us almost 20 years, some 20+ millions of code were written, we produced more than 30.000 bugs, completed more that 100 projects, experienced endless sketching, brainstorming, designing, researching, refactoring, sleepless nights, days :) and weekends, holidays spent on writing code, making wifes angry (and disappointed), to eventually got us to the point of the perfect digital experience platform.

Q: Was it worth?

A: Sure it was.

Q: Would we do it all over again?

A: Hell no!
Why on earth would we do that? Creating a working multi million source code product is not such an easy task to do.

The culture

We are ninja developers.
Business analysts. And businessmen. Dreamers and doers.


We live and breath technology and business processes.
We never sit still.
We are taking our job damn seriously.


We love our customers. Even those who admit they are difficult to deal with. It's the challenge we are happy to accept.

We enjoy to be in a software business. We are thrilled for every single new function implemented and every new digital content added.

We are doing it every single day. Which means we are constantly thrilled.

We are excited for every new partner because they make our ecosytem stronger.

We are Tom PIT.