Worlds class platform
needs world class IDE

Web based, high performance, intelligent and lightweight integrated development environment for creating amazing digitalization stories.
Web based

Only web browser is needed here. You choose the one.

No need to install anything. No need to compile either. And no deploy burden. Forget about restarts. Simply write code and let the platform do the rest.

Full stacked

Backend code, front end code, client side code.

Apis, end user apps, IoT hubs, workers, REST services, big data and any other development task you can imagine. Single IDE. Single code base.

Productivity beyond imagination

Contextual intellisense lists your database objects, binds their parameters and creates data entities in no time. Live syntax checking with code actions enables fixing syntax errors as you code.

Hot swapping

Changing source code requires no deployments or restarts. It occurs automatically and instantly. Anywhere, across all your instances. Without even having to know where they actually are.


Debug your backend code, front end code or client code locally or remotely.

You have the source code of the platform too.

And the source code of the entire digital content as well.

Version Control

Integrated version control enables you and your team to work simultaneously on the same microservices on the same instances without overwriting each other's changes.

Share repositories with others, branch, release, merge conflicts, view diff and history.