We don't believe in products. We create only custom tailored solutions which have implemented features you really need. We implement them the way your users expect them to use. Instead of configuring outdated products our focus is solely on resolving your problems.



All solutions run on a unified, centralized information infrastructure, which means your users are able to access any content from the single access point. Solutions are connected and compatible, system admins manage them through a unified environment and end users can access them from any device.



Solutions are easly portable to your internal R&D team so they can manage and upgrade them by themselfs. All on the same information infrastructure. Maybe it's time to replace all those Excel, XML, CSV and other static files with automated processes. You can implement them by yourself, with a moders and unified technology.


Going smart

We like to add predictive analytics to the solutions, which enable you to avoid endless analyzing of past problems. You are able to look in the future instead, we notify you of the potential issues in advance so you can completely avoid necessary costs. And by that we mean anywhere in the organization because we cover the entire IT vertical.


Reduce costs

You'll be surprised of the entire IT costs reduction by introducing a unified and advanced content concepts. Even more, unified and third party independent information infrastructure will enable you to transparently calculate future costs.


We are trusted by the most respected corporations

Tom PIT is present in many industries, from pharmaceutical, automotive, food & beverage, wood, aviation, construction, telecommunications to steel industry and various fields of energy and health.

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For real-world environments

We didn't build Tom PIT for "done with a few clicks" demo systems. Tom PIT technology is modern, scalable and ready for very stressfull production environments. It runs everywhere, on-premises, in the cloud or hybrid.

Full stacked

From collecting data, plant solutions, predictive analytics to business apps. Tom PIT covers the entire organization vertical, which means the entire content is available in a standardized way.

Feature complete

Tom PIT is feature complete, from development environment to Application server, IoT, Big Data, CDN, Search, Worker, Machine Learning, DataStream and Test server. It's the only information infrastructure on the market with which you are able to implement complex and complete IT solutions.

Any device

Solutions are accessible from any device, without installations. From SCADA UI to input forms, reports, dashboards, communication with remote devices - everything is accessible from anywhere. Web browser is everything you will ever need. Whichever you like.

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